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CampLegal is Incredibly Powerful and Easy-to-Use

A complete, secure immigration case management platform for law firms of all sizes. Our interface provides a rich feature set, which includes a user-friendly dashboard, client portal, auto-generated PDF forms and many more features.

Our Features

We're not the only ones excited happy about CampLegal...

Our customers are thankful for a solution that just works and works with speed.

Case Milestones

Customize It! Case Milestones with Tasks

Customize each Case Type or use a default Case Milestone.

Milestones (phases of a case) can set up a Case Milestone for a Case Type one-time and you’ll never have to do it again. Our Case Milestones will allow firms to know exactly where they're at with just a glance and customize them as much or as little as they want. You can customize each Case Type or use default Case Milestones.

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The Power of Automated Workflows

Work smarter, not harder. Allow CampLegal to work for you.

Eliminate the redundancy of everyday actions and work more efficiently. For instance, you would like to send an email to a client, assign a task and add a calendar event; rather than individually completing each action, our new feature allows you to automate the entire process in a single click.

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Automated Workflows

Ring, Ring...You Have a Phone Call

Log all incoming/outgoing phone calls and assign them to staff members.

Each staff member will be notified of an outstanding incoming phone call and will have the ability to manage their queue to quickly respond to the client. When adding an outgoing call, the system will automatically update the corresponding incoming call.

Manage Phone Calls

USCIS Forms with Speed and Brains

Be amazed at our Bi-Directional feature that syncs the client's data to and from the PDF forms.

The system will pre-populate the client's data in all pdf forms and the Bi-Directional feature will always keep the client's data up-to-date no matter if updated in the database or from the PDF forms.

Our PDF viewer can add annotations, comments and the ability to have staff reply to the comments all within the PDF. All annotations and comments can be marked with a status and a history of all communications are kept within each PDF form.

Fully Integrated with LawPay

Time-saving billing and invoicing in one platform. 3 types of invoices (Flat, Scheduled and Plans).

The LawPay integration seamlessly gives you multiple convenient ways to accept client payments from the Firm Portal, Client Portal and from any smart device. Also, we extended the convenience and flexibility of Scheduled Payments (auto-deducted) and Payment Plans (installments with reminders).

CampLegal is one of the only software to offer payment plans. With this invoice option, the system will automatically build a payment plan based on the retainer amount, frequency and installment amount. The system will send three remainders via email or text per installment where the client can make a payment directly from their phone.

All of this, while never leaving our system.

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Payments Powered by LawPay
Add and Manage Leads

Keep Your Eye on Leads (Potential Clients)

Quickly add Leads and manage them through our simple interface.

Leads and Clients are in one system. Manage your leads until they are converted to a client. The concept is quite simple but powerful at the same time.

No Expiration Date Fear Here

Set-up Tracking Configurations to automatically add records to Track, Notify and Remind.

This feature will help firms notify themselves and the client for potential cases without having to remember. The system will automatically send custom emails and texts to the client.

Tracking Expiration Dates
CampLegal - Text your clients directly

Want Instant Client Communication?

Text your client directly from the case including images (MMS).

Staff members can text and messages clients to get immediate responses. Also, any images sent via text can be mapped to a Document Request in Documents. All messages and texts (inbound/outbound) are automatically logged into the case notes.

Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting

BI Reporting provides abundance of metrics on every dimension of the practice would be highly beneficial to Law Firms.

One of the powerful tools in the Billing Reports is the ability to gauge the financial health by looking at the past revenue with break down by practice areas, case categories, case types, etc., and the capability to project estimated income using the Forecasting feature.

BI Reporting
Integration with QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online Integration

CampLegal will create customers, invoices, and apply all payments seamlessly to QuickBooks.

Our QuickBooks Online integration will allow all your billing data to automatically be in sync in CampLegal and QuickBooks. Saves time when creating Clients, Invoices and accepting Payments within CampLegal have all the same data magically appear in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Website

Pre-populated Message and Text Templates

Send messages and texts with one-click. One template in many languages.

Create unlimited, elegant templates that can pre-populate the client's name, address, case and other basic information making it a breeze to communicate with your client within a few seconds. When selecting a template, the system will populate with the correct language based on the client's preferred . The templates will save your staff so much time and easy to stay in constant contact with your client.

Message and Text Templates
Integration with Slack

Slack is Your Digital HQ

Transform the way you work with one place for everyone and everything you need to get stuff done.

Slack is a powerful collaboration tool; it’s everywhere, on the computer, phone, iPad, apple watch, and telepathy ( work in progress ? 😉 ). It lets our customers be notified and interact with CampLegal through Slack. Here’s a glimpse of what can be done:

  • Case -> Channel Automation
  • Communications Between Staff Linked to the Case
  • Lead Integration
  • Text Notification & Integration
  • Document Approval/Denial
  • Command’em (Slash Commands)

Slack's Website

Receipt Notice Tracking

Keep your client connected to their case while staying connected to your client.

  • Custom texts are sent to your client for USCIS Case Status updates, when Visa is Ready and if there's 30 days of inactivity.
  • Case Owner is notified via a Task.
  • A Case Note with the Case Status is added to the case.
  • Processing Times are automatically attached to the notice.

Using the USCIS Case Statuses, Processing Times, Visa Bulletin data and information from the notices we have made this feature a big time saver for your firm.

USCIS Receipt Notice Tracking
Trust Accounting

Legal Trust Accounting

Automated trust accounting with payment plans that are deposits into the client's trust.

Legal trust accounting doesn't have to be scary. CampLegal will simplify your entire process into a few easy steps.

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DS-160 and DS-260 Questionnaires

Want a relief from the annoying process of filling out the DS-160 and DS-260 questionnaires on the CEAC website?

Trust us, we know all about the Timeouts, Missing Information and clicking the magical Back button and having to start all over. Now that's all gone!!.

A staff member or client can fill-out the questionnaire in CampLegal then use our Chrome Plug-In to auto-file the data on the CEAC website. And yes, the questionnaires are translated for the client.

DS-160 and DS-260 Questionnaires
Microsoft 365 Outlook and Word Add-Ins

Outlook and Word Add-Ins

With these new features, we want to create a seamless experience between our users’ favorite tools and our platform.

Outlook Add-In: lets you link emails from the Outlook platform straight to your client’s case. All communications for the email thread you select will be available in your client’s case on CampLegal. Please note you must be using the latest version of Outlook for this add-in.

Word Add-In: You can now create Word templates with various tags and auto-fill data based on those tags into the document. If you need to make a quick change, the document will open in Word for you to edit. And once you’re done, any changes will be saved back to your case documents in CampLegal.

2FA - Two Factor Authentication

2FA - Two-Factor Authentication

When Passwords Aren’t Good Enough.

What is 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)?
2FA is the best way to protect yourself online. Do not rely on your staff using strong passwords, add an extra level of protection for your account in the form of 2FA. The most popular form of 2FA, is Software Tokens and that's what we are using at CampLegal.

We Make It Effortless To Communicate

Your staff will love how easy it is to use our Chat Messaging feature.

Chat features that will boost staff engagement.

One-click to create a case channel and link staff members.

  • Case Channels
  • Topic Channels
  • One-on-One Direct Messaging
  • Group Messaging

Chat Messaging

Powerful Intake Forms Get The Job Done

Get the most data out of your client's by getting them to fill-out our wizard-like forms.

Easy online intake builder that will allow you to drag and drop questions.

Conditional logic capability to allow for advance forms to be filled out on your client's smart device.

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Custom Intakes

Other Key Features

Immigration Case Management software that is Secure, Comprehensive, Intuitive, Fast and Reliable. A rich feature set will allow staff members to streamline their workflow to optimize their time.

Google & Microsoft Calendar

Complete integration with Google/Microsoft Calendars. Assign events to cases and clients. Ability to create and link Call Up Notices to an event.

Bi-Directional Sync of USCIS PDF Forms

Client Profile Data will update the data in the USCIS PDF Forms and vice versa. The data from USCIS PDF Forms will update the Client's Profile Data.

Call Up Notices

Stop maintaining your Call Ups in a spreadsheet. Simply create a calendar event, add all the RFEs in the event and the system will keep track for you.

USCIS Receipt Extraction

Tired of inputting all your USCIS receipt notices? Simply take a picture, upload the image and allow our system to extract all the information from the .

Awesome Interface

Work faster and smarter with our state-of-the-art user interface. Our product is powerful and flexible, and scales to meet the needs of any law firm.

Pre-Populated USCIS Forms

Our detailed contacts section allows forms to pre-populated with petitioner, beneficiary and dependents data. Allow the system to work for you.

Pre-Case Task Configuration

Configure the system to automatically create tasks when the case is created. Create default tasks for all cases or unique tasks for specific case types.

Pre-Case Document Configuration

Automatically have the system add document requests for the petitioner, beneficiary and dependents. Configuration has never been easier.

Client Portal

Clients will have 24/7 access to their case. From self on-boarding, making payments, uploading documents, one questionnaire and viewing their invoice.

PDF Text Autoscaling

When directly editing a PDF, type as much text as needed. When a PDF is viewed or printed, the font size will dynamically scale to fit in the text input box.

Manage Cases

Every case has a Task and Event Manager, Case Notes, Messages, Texts, Document Repository, Forms, Beneficiary/Dependents List and Billing.

Document Repository

Add multiple documents with one click and keep the documents organized in the case. All files are securely stored in Dropbox, the most secure way to store files.


Get instant notifications for messages, texts, inter-office chats and tasks. Always stay connected with our notification system.

Inter-Office Chat

Securely communicate or send files to any staff member via our built-in office chat. Not online? Don't worry, the system will communicate via email.


CampLegal uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect data in transit between Dropbox apps and our servers.

Payments Security

Our seamless, hosted-fields integration with LawPay allows your client's personal payment information to never pass-through our servers.

Control your Firm like a Pro

Time is money, our system will streamline your business to allow your staff to be more efficient.

All-In-One Pricing

Keeping it simple with our all-in-one pricing. All plans include our entire feature set. Price based on number of users per Law Firm.


  • 1 user (1-4 users)
  • Includes all features
  • Includes texting (excludes text blasting, BI Reporting and eSignatures)


  • 10 or more users
  • Includes all features
  • Includes texting (excludes text blasting, BI Reporting and eSignatures)

What's Included in the price?

  • Access to all new features
  • Free Trial for 14 days, no credit card needed
  • Unlimited contacts, cases, forms and document uploads
  • Live and video support and unlimited training sessions
  • Texting is included but Text Blasting is an add-on, please read the below FAQ
  • BI Reporting is an add-on, please read the below FAQ
  • eSignature will require credits for $2.50 each, , please read the below FAQ

Frequent Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before you start.

Yes. As soon as they release the forms, typically we have the new form live within 2 to 8 hours.

Texting is included for all accounts. Texting allows staff members to text clients and the clients to text back. The staff will be notified of all incoming texts and the texts will be logged into the case.

Texting Blasting is an add-on feature that allows the system to automatically send document reminders and payment plan installment reminders to the client. We will be adding more benefits of text blasting in the future. The cost of this feature is $30 per month per firm.

BI Reporting stands for Business Intelligence Reporting and it's a technology that CampLegal has used to save our customers time when reviewing their data.

BI Reporting has a cost of $25 for a law firm and $5 per user who needs access. The fees are per month. We are only covering our costs to use the technology.

eSignatures have a cost to CampLegal, unfortunately we have no choice but to charge a firm to use the feature at $2.50 per request. One request can be multiple documents and multiple signers.

When making a eSignature request, a payment amount and invoice amount can be setup at the same time. When all signers have signed all documents, an invoice will be created and payment request sent to the client.

We hope we've added enough value with the eSignature costs to save enough time to make it worth the $2.50 charge. We have Templates, Payments, Invoices and Notifications that will save staff time.

Our system allows you to create a client, case, beneficiary and dependents within a minute. The client will be able to login into the Client Portal, input detailed information about themselves and everyone else in the case and this information will automatically pre-populate into the forms. For the clients who are able to use the Client Portal, it will save about two to three hours of data entry for a staff member.

Yes. The client can use the Client Portal to securely upload all of their files directly into their case. As soon as the files are uploaded to the case, they are accessible to the staff. Having the client upload their own documents to a case will save a lot of time and aggravation to the staff, not to mention it's more secure for the client.

Our integration with LawPay will allow users to seamlessly create an invoice with scheduled payments within our system in under 30 seconds. Customize scheduled payments to the client's needs: pick the payment amount, the starting date, the interval and the total amount. Once the scheduled payments are set up, the payments will automatically occur so set it one time and never worry about it again.

Oh boy is it fast. Click something and get an immediate response. Law Firms need to operate at lightning speed so why not use a system that can keep up. There's nothing worse than to click something and have to wait multiple seconds, this only discourages users from working at a fast pace. Every time we ask a customer what they like about our system, "speed" is always in the top three.

The system automatically logs completed tasks, messages and texts into case notes. No need to copy and paste anymore, let the system work for you.

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