Document management
doesn't have to be so manual

Customize exactly what documents are automatically assigned to each member of any case type. Set it one-time and "forget about it".

Upload an unlimited number of documents

Who wants to be limited, store as many documents as you need, it's all included.

Stop the madness

Allow our customizable Document Reminders to send links to your client until they upload all their documents. If a client is not uploading their documents, then set the reminders to everyday, that will get their attention.

We know it can be maddening that clients will not help themselves, these reminders will do the trick.

Lock firm only documents

Are you uploading a document that you do not want your client to see? No worries, click on the lock icon on any document to make the document visible only to your firm.

Approve or deny documents

Did your client upload the wrong document? Is the document blurry? With a click of a button you could easily approve, deny or deny with a comment on-the-fly.

We're not the only ones excited happy about CampLegal...

Our customers are thankful for a solution that just works and works with speed.

Our Features