Billing features that will
save you time and money

We have built automated tools that makes billing a breeze. Your billing department will be so happy!

Billing Automation

Reduce time spent on billing

Set up automated payment plans. Make collecting outstanding balances easy with our signature payment plans:

Recurring payment plans via LawPay's Scheduled Payments, where a credit card or ACH method of payment is entered and payments are automatically collected and applied to CampLegal's invoices.

Payment Plans are automatically built with installments where three reminders are sent to your client via an email or text (in your client's language) per installment. The reminders are sent with a link where your client can make a payment from any smart device.

Say goodbye to manually creating invoices

With a single click create invoices with customizable line items and invoice templates.

If you have standard pricing, our a la cart solution will make it easy to quickly create an invoice with our invoice templates.

Automate your collections process

Customize our color-coded Collections feature to automate the process of collecting past due invoices and installments.

Each color represents a stage of the collection process so with a glance your staff will know when a client is past due and when they should no longer assist a client.

Get paid faster while providing convenience for your clients

We have 3 flexible invoicing options to best meet your clients' financial needs. The LawPay integration seamlessly gives you multiple convenient ways to accept client payments from the Firm Portal, Client Portal and from any smart device.

Our flexible invoice options include:

  • Flat - collect retainer fees or deposits
  • Schedule - automatic withdraws from the client's credit card or checking account remove the worry of potentially missing payments
  • Plan - we will send 3 payment reminders to your client via text message and email (this is a firm FAVORITE 😄)

Data insights with B.I. Reporting

Our easy to use, all-in-one view with B.I. Reporting gives over 15 different metrics to slice and dice your billing data.

Forecasting is included for flat invoices and both payment plan options. Want to know how much income the firm will receive in the future? One click and you'll get that number.

We're not the only ones excited happy thrilled about CampLegal...

Our customers are thankful for a solution that just works—and works with speed!

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