Streamline your case management using
our customizable milestones and tasks

Establish accountability in your firm with CampLegal's task manager. Easily define roles of a case to allocate task distribution, no matter the number staff members working a case.

Billing Automation

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Other Key Task Features

Get insight into how a case is progressing

See all tasks for a legal matter, organized by milestone and due date. Quickly identify the next task to be done, and see which tasks are overdue.

Collaborate on tasks with anyone

Assign tasks to other users at your firm, or to outside parties through our secure client portal. Your clients can see the tasks assigned to them, and mark tasks as completed.

Stay on top of your to-do list

See your upcoming tasks on our main dashboard.

Trigger an Automated Workflow

Complete a tasks or reach a milestone that could trigger an automated workflow that could send a text, email, add a task, case note or calendar event.

Follow any tasks

Following a task means you will be notified on any updates on the task.

Tasks Lists

Search filter tasks by user, name, type or date.

Task Comments

Add a task comment to collaborate on any task.

Automate Tasks in a Case

Configure milestones and tasks so they are automatically added to the case and distributed to staff members when the case is added to the system.

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