Legal and trust account management
made easy for your law firm!

Legal trust accounting with automation and payment plans. We were not kidding when we said we make it easy. Our trust accounting features make life so much easier for your staff and your clients.

Trustvoices...say what?

A Trustvoice is like an invoice but the client's payments are deposits to their trust ledger.

They are a quick and easy way for the client to pay towards their trust with two types of payment plans. Clients are reminded to make the payments so you don't have to worry about keeping tabs on their balances. We told you it would be easy.

Batch Invoicing -
one-click and you're done.

Thousands of invoices can be created from your hourly cases or from your custom reached Milestones.

That's right, stop creating your services earned by hand. When you reach a Milestone of your case the system can automatically create flat time entries. Customize your Milestones to automatically add a flat time entries into the case based on a percentage of the case value or a specified amount.

Automated trust accounting -
that's right!.

Flat fee or hourly cases, process bulk services rendered with one click.

Let CampLegal do all the work for you when creating your invoices for all cases and applying funds.

Trust Reporting.

Get a quick overview of your deposits, withdrawals and credits.

Detailed report for all clients with trust transactions.

No third parties, easy views to reconcile.

Take control of your trust accounting tasks and in one view determine mismatch invoice balances vs trust balances.

Batches are created giving a detailed report history of transfer amount total and every details amount within the transfer amount.

Created invoices
that comply with regulations!.

Clearly present line items on your legal invoices that detail funds removed from a trust account along with remaining trust balances.

Other Key Features

Google and Office365 Calendars

Link contacts and cases to your calendar events into one central location. All events are stored in Google and Office365 so there will always be remote access to your calendar events.

Document Management

All documents, case files, and internal templates are centralized, secure, collaborative, and easily accessible. Document request reminders allow clients to upload documents from any smart device and even into Slack. Also, we translate your requests from English to one of our supported languages on-the-fly.

Grow Your Firm

Use our leads features, trackings for possible future cases, and our BI Reporting (billing reporting with forecasting) to stay ahead of the curve to grow your firm.

Receipt Notice Tracker

CampLegal will completely automate your notices with custom texts to your clients, tasks to your linked case owners for case statuses and when visa's filing and final actions are ready.

Customizable Case Milestones and Tasks

Completely customize your milestones and tasks to stay on top of your cases and with a glance know where you are in the case process.

App Integrations

We are integrated with Google, Office365, Slack, QuickBooks Online, Zapier and LawPay.

Multilingual Templates

Yes, we said that right. One template will support multiple languages so no matter who the client is they will always get information in their language.

Our Beautiful User-Interface

Your eyes will be happy everyday. Not only is our UI beautiful, with our split-screen approach (viewing multiple records at one time in the same view) you will be clicking a lot less.

We're not the only ones excited happy about CampLegal...

Our customers are thankful for a solution that just works and works with speed.

Our Features