Looking for instant communication with your client? It's just one text message away!

Expand the way you communicate with your clients with our text messaging feature. Quickly and easily send text messages from your client's profile or case. Easily map picture (MMS) messages back to their documents.

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We have two text message options to choose from:

Text Message:

  • Send text messages up to 250 characters
  • Phone Wizards (allows clients to submit info for onboarding)
  • Document Requests/Reminders
  • Payment Requests/Reminders

Text Blasting:

  • Send text messages up to 1,600 characters
  • Automated Document Request Reminders
  • Automated Installment Payment Reminders
  • Automated Collections Payment Reminders
  • Automated USCIS case updates based on receipt notices and inactivity notifications
  • Receive MMS (picture) messages from your clients and easily map the images to a Document Request in Documents

Get instant notifications whenever a text message is received

Whenever a text message comes in, the user will get a notification displayed that allows them to preview the text message and who sent it.

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Send and receive texts via Slack

With Slack integration enabled, you can send and receive text messages to clients right from Slack. It conveniently gives you the option of receiving and sending messages from both the case management system and Slack.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) text messages

Our available MMS messaging feature allows you and your clients to send/receive multimedia text messages. Files received as MMS messages can easily be saved in the client's Documents. MMS supports a wide variety of file types, including .pdf, .jpg, and .png.

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